Defying Gravity

Look at that pair of eyes at the back ha-ha. Welcome back to my blog, this

time it is DEFYING GRAVITY!!

photo moments, Defying Gravity

Coloring the Dark World with Chalks

Those chalk drawings behind were there on purpose. People say a picture tells a thousand words, similarly this photograph tells something. In this picture the dark areas could represent disruption of world peace where everything is dull and emotionless and the fact that a photograph captures only a moment, so in a way this photograph is stopped in time. The coloured chalks that are stopped in time (defying gravity in a way) represents all kinds of emotions and peace. Therefore this picture is showing how the world is slowly becoming more peaceful. “The world is art, the photographer is just the witness”

Photography stopping time in its track.

Stopping time in its track.

Back again with the “defying gravity”, I decided to try it again on the chalk but this time not capturing a photograph with a hidden meaning but just a normal photograph that it is stopped in time. This photograph was capture at the ”re-bounce” of the chalks. I liked the effect of how small pieces of chalk are flying around, creating this really nice effect.