Hannah on The Black Backdrop – Photography Technique

The Invisible Black Background Photography Technique

The Invisible Black Background is a photography technique commonly used by photographers. It helps focus the viewer’s attention on the subject being photographed.

The whole idea is mainly photographs taken from a black background. I thought that with a dark background it would bring the colour of the object. In this case, this picture was taken under yellow sunlight, in a way portraying natural sunlight and giving this vibrant colour to this flower. With the light shone from above it creates this shadow which gives a certain effect that I like. (It has a certain classy drama feel doesn’t it?) It was certainly fun to take photos with this theme.

Red Flower on black background Photography technique

Red Flower – Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Hey look it’s a hand! Ha-ha!! This time round I decided to use and object that it is not as vibrant as the flower, so I decided to use my hand.

Black Background Hannah's Hands

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset


From my point of view, I thought that just a hand would be a little boring so why not add some drawings to the hand. I drew some “bones” on the hand, in a way showing the “skeletal” version of the hand. I thought that it was really cool how this photo turned out, how some parts the drawing can be seems rather distinctively and some parts seem faded.