Easy Graduation Makeup Tutorial For Your Graduation Photos

In this easy graduation makeup tutorial, our photographer shares with you how to achieve that natural, fresh and pretty look effortlessly.

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Whether you want to blend in or standout on your graduation day, we want you to look your best on this special occasion. Here’s the perfect easy makeup tutorial for the ideal grad look you can wear all day.

All you will need is your basic makeup kit ( Concealer, Lipsticks, Blusher and Brushes) and some natural light colors for your face and a suitable colour for your lips. You want to achieve a healthy, lively and youthful look, so avoiding heavy makeup such as gothic styles is advisable. (You want to look like the prom queen not the drag queen)

A simple tinted moisturizer will ensure your natural skin gets to shine through. Don’t overdo the blusher at the cheeks, instead try blushing from the temples down to the cheekbones. Cho0se a lipstick colour that is not overly striking .

For guys, makeup can work wonders too and it allows you to look really fabulous in your photos. A simple foundation and very light blush should do the trick.

Now wear your best smile with confidence and shoot more graduation day photos for your Instagram!



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