Japan Mystery Shrine

When I visited Japan, it was a definite MUST to visit their shrines. I got hooked after watching a documentary on how a Japanese Shintoist shrine has a secret Jewish connection? For example, there are many similarities between Hebrew and the Japanese Katakana and Hiragana, such as the Katakana word ] “KO”, “KA” and “TO” are also very similar to the Hebrew.

Japan Mystery Shrine

Israel is formed 11000 BC, 11,000km away from Japan, a country along the Mediterranean sea, however, has a sad history. It went through long period of war, and they are scattered and during this period, 10 out of the 12 Israel tribes disappeared. It is believed these 10 lost tribes are scattered across various parts of Asia. Recently, the highly popular Pokémon mystery shrine build on this suspense and its algorithm believe to have build on this mystery route.

To add to this mystery, in March 2007, a very famous Rabbi Avichail, representing the Investigative Body, Amishav arrived at the Japan Narita Airport. He uses scientific methods such as the DNA genetic research to locate the lost tribes of Israel. He has successfully return the Myanmar Manase People Of Myanmar To Israel. He believes that Japanese could be highly related to one of the lost tribes. So much suspense. Why don’t you watch it here yourself : https://youtu.be/Mor4x9yMmAk

So shrine visiting became a MUST for me as I am interested to find out the history behind every shrine. This particular shrine required me to walk quite a fair bit. The breeze walk brought me through the structures you see in the photo.

In this photo, I wanted to show how big these structures were. Although I am pretty small (155cm tall HEH HEH), by taking it from a lower angle perspective, it help me to portray the size of the structure.

The next time you come visiting in a Japanese Shrine, put on a different perspective and ask the locals. You could be visiting a shrine whose deities are practicing Judaism.

Camels On Dessert. Kyoto Gion, is at the tip of the Silk Road. How come the pictures on the float for an all ancient Japanese Matsuri Festival, has Camel and Egyptian pictures, like an enroute from Israel to Japan.