What To Wear Under Your Graduation Gown

Our studio shares some tips on what to wear under your graduation gown for your graduation ceremony.

Watch the video.

Remember that graduation is a solemn and traditional ceremony and the university will expect you to follow the dress code. The academic dress is mandatory for all graduates attending the graduation ceremony. This consists of a gown, a hood and a mortarboard. The discipline of the degree is indicated by the colour of the hood for your degree. Improperly dressed graduands may even be prohibited from attending the Convocation.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that since you are covered by your gown and mortarboard, you won’t get it wrong and you can wear anything underneath. There are dress codes and tips to make you look better on stage as well as for your graduation stage photo. We cover tips on matching your outfit with your academic dress for the perfect photo on stage when you receive your Degree. After all there are no retakes once you get off the stage, so get that perfect look for your big moment.

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