Let There Be Light – Camera Phone Photography At Night

Camera phone photography at night - Christmas Tree LightupChristmas tree in day


There was a time when I was obsessed with the beauty of taking night scenes, experimenting it with my phone camera. Camera phone photography at night can be a nightmare to start with, so why take photos at night? For me, night photography can be incredibly rewarding. More unique shots can be taken that you wouldn’t be able to capture during daylight hours. Taking photos at night can create a mystical, even magical and masquerading, romantic feeling in your images. Captured during the day, the same scene can immediately undergoes a remarkable transformation when taken at night. WOW!

This was taken in Universal Studios Osaka as well. Even it was taken at a distance due to the crowd, you are almost taken to the scene by the night shot, a more romantic Christmas feeling than what the the day shot can present you with. It was in December, during the Christmas season. I wanted to make the Christmas tree more prominent, so I decided the darker the background. Can you recognize the background? Yes it is the 3 color background. ( blue, red and black ) However, I erased the filter off the Christmas tree, letting it stay its original color. With a darken background, the Christmas tree is now more obvious and eye catching in the photo.

There are many tips online about taking photography at night with your phone camera. But I feels that mastering the few below will suffice for most travel photos taking at night:

  1. Understanding Exposing for Highlights – Click on the brightest spot in the native camera viewfinder. The outcome will be the photo becomes darker and sharper.
  2. Stabilise Your Phone For Long Exposure Shots – Invest In A small portable tripod (So many out there), and invest in useful apps. Slow shutter apps. Great For Long light trails shots
  3. External Light Source For Near Distance Shot – Shoot like a pro, these external light source can illuminate your subjects.
  4. Prepare And Download Your Apps ahead of your shoot – The only apps that I need is a) Slow Shutter Apps b) Image Stabiliser Apps, which monitor the movement of your hands and only release the shutter when the iPhone is relatively steady.

The above are the practical tips from my experience and it serves me well when it comes to my night shoot experience. Enjoy.

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