My Journey On Photo Post Editing

Before Photo Post Editing Example Image

After Editing By Adding 4 colours. Photo Came To Live.

After Photo Post Editing Example Image

Before Editing. Too Monotonous and I only Took One Shot Of The Musical Fountain.

Editing Night Scenes
In an earlier blog, we talk about taking night scenes. Here, we want to see the photo post editing I did. Remember that night photos is all about light and exposure. As you can see, brighten up the photo brings out more details such the audience area. The colour that I edited in also brings the photo to live versus the monotone original. It really help to spice up your photographs. This photo was taken at Universal Studio Osaka during their night musical. I changed the colors, focusing on 4 colors. ( red, blue, black, white )

Clever Use Of The Wine Glass And Also The Shot “Captured The Precious Moment They Both Were Laughing And Enjoued Together”

Very Cool And Serene effect. The Tone of the photo and the depth of field really helps

Editing Portraits Of A Couple Friend – The 2 photos were edited to reflect the mood of the ambience that night. Created the Depth Of Field to soften the tone of the photo, and to brings out the cool effect of the evening. Cleverly using the wine glass as a condiment brings out the gay mood of the dinner between the couple. The left shot was taken to seize that happy moment when the couple shared a joke. Overall, post editing brings out the mood, tone and ambience of the occasion.


Post edit to create depth of field, tone down and uses earth theme to create the cosy moment before a baby takes a nap.

Before Editing. Busy Background and flat photo

Post Edit To Create That “Moment”

Many moms will remember the effort they goes through trying to make the baby sleep. Soft music, right lightings, temperature etc. Yes this is the mood the post edit tries to achieve.

Try editing your photos as uniquely as you intend too. There are many phone apps that easily do editing but these are presets. To get more serious, try photoshop, and the only techniques I use here, the “Paint brush” to bring down the tone, the “stamp clone”, the “Burnt or Dodge” to brighten or darken an area, the “sharpen or blur” to create different depth of field or to express certain area, all these can be learnt in an hour.