Snowy Rendezvous – Snow Photos Using Phone Camera


Colour Snow Scene Can Be Distracting. Colour Loves Contrast, This Photo In Osaka Is A Good Example. Use Colour Only If It Is Intentional, Such As Shooting An Object As The Subject Using The Snow Scene As A White Backdrop.

Seoul Central – Near Namdaemun. Black and White processing helps bring out the feel of a snow-filled scene. Detailed scenes like this one don’t need as much contrast. Simple Scenes will work well with strong contrast of black.

Taking My Friend Outside The Fraser Seoul Central Hotel. The Depth Of Field Brings Out The Subject And Shows Clearly The Snow Falling On The Face. It also shows the heavy snow fall.













Hey ! It is back to editing again!! I have always wanted to take snow scenes but after various trial and error, I want to recommend you the tips from my experience. This time on taking photos of our snowy rendezvous using just your phone camera.

Black & White Preferred – The 2 snowing countries I been to is Seoul and Japan. The photo (left) was taken in Japan. I took it from a moving bus, but was able to capture the grainy snow without a strong subject.

The photo on the right was taken in Seoul. You can see that the black and white contrast brings out the cold morning walk I had along Namdaemun towards Seoul Station.

Create Depth Of Field – The depth of field breaks the monotonous white of the snow fill scene. This edit below is a bit over contrast, lesser will be good but it does express the subject.

Use The Snow As A White BackDrop – Under such a intent, you can shoot nice subject using colour contrast. The colourful subject stands out in this case. Looks Nice.

See How The Subject Stands out. Using The Snow Mountain As A backdrop. Photo Taken From