Our Mission

To Create Masterpieces Through The Lens Of Our Cameras

Looking back from 2010, DC Production has matured into a different atelier in Singapore that not just takes ravishing photos but allows people to view photography from a whole new level. Being highly sought-after for grand events like National Day Investiture for the past 9 years and graduation ceremonies for many educational institutions in Singapore, DC Production has had abundance of experience through exposure to still photography and video footage. This assures our products of a formidable calibre. We strive to capture the emotions that shows the perfection of one’s personality and at the same time constantly improving our skills and extemporize state-of-the-art technology to continue delivering our best performance.

Our expertise and passion has remained true till today.  Come visit us at the studio and experience it for yourself.

@DC, We Take It One Step Further. 

Meet Our Team

The DC Production team consists of our experienced photographers, art director and video producers. Click on the profiles to know more them.

  • Kelvin Tan, Creative Director

    Creative Director


    Creative Director

    Kelvin has been a Photographer with more than 10 years of experience in the Creative industry. His academic achievement is in the area of Commercial Art and Design, with a flair for uniqueness through simplicity in his minimalist approach to his design work.

    As an award-winning photographer, Kelvin has been photographing in various arena for more than 10 years. It is not a secret in the industry and with people who has worked with Kelvin, he has the ability to produce technically and logistically complex assignments with expert use of color and light. Kelvin is also known for being able to skillfully and innovatively capture the perfect moment in every of his shooting assignment, adding a revolutionary touch to his creation versus traditional photography which is evidence in his photo-editing style.

    His latest works includes being photographer/art director in the NTU VIP Dinner 2016. His other track records include being Project Manager / Art Director for companies such as Makansutra, D-Link and Advertising Agency such as Liquid Advertising, Formul8, Taxi Design Media etc. He also keep a good relationship with clients who he worked with. Company such as Ferrero Singapore, UBS AG, WineCraft Marketing, D-Link International, SPH, NTU etc because to Kelvin, photography is a mean for him to deepen his friendship with the clients who shared the same passion with him.

  • Caleb Gau – Managing Director

    Mr Caleb Gau, Managing Director

    Duration in current role/time at the company:

    I’ve been the MD for th photo studio for close to three years.

    Describe what the company does in one sentence:

    We provide our clients with a programmatic approach to differentiate themselves through our Strategy, Design, Technology and Advertising services.

    What does your role involve in one sentence?

    Put on new garments, take out old practices, photo-synthesise (light & colour) our continual growth to be the leading creative-led agency in the region.

    Within the last six months/year, what stands out as the company’s major milestones?

    In a year of many ‘firsts’, the key milestones were securing angel investment, and second year with locking in partnerships with two corporate clients and approaching our third year in a cash positive position with my team, family and clients – all excited about taking our proposition to the next level.

    Best thing about the industry you work in:

    You get to work with people of different ethnic background, different corporate culture, different age group, and in different market segments but with a common desire to be different.


    Previous industry/ companies you have worked at:

    Siemens, Singapore Telecoms, Jebsen & Jessen Communications, Teledata.

    Career-wise, where do you see yourself in three years time?

    Helping clients create new business demands and disrupt their industries by launching business campaigns of a different kind.

    Tell us one thing people at work don’t know about you?

    I love to freeze life’s moments with my camera stills, and I starts to learn guitar this year and I love God and worshipping in Church– and therefore I love everything life adores.

    Top networking tip:

    Don’t worry, everyone else came here with a common cause, to network.

    My favourite restaurant for a business lunch is:

    Garden Macdonald’s at Ang Mo Kio (Do not mix up with the one inside Bishan Park). In Seoul it will be the lobby café at Grand Hyatt hotel. In Bangkok, I love the Starbucks inside Emporium Suites in . London, the Hummingbird in Nottinghill.

    My favourite advert is:

    Yellow Pages – Let the finger do the walking.

  • Leimond – Account Manager

    Leimond, Account Manager for Photography Projects
    Mr Leimond, Account Manager

    Leimond, our  Account Manager and Project Manager for Photography Projects and Events, has more than  a decade of experience under his belt. His work includes projects ranging from graduation events, award presentation and product launches. Most noteworthy ones being the National Day Investuture Awards and our local University’s Graduation events.

    His latest works includes being the project/account manager in the NTU VIP Dinner 2016. His other track records include being Project/Account Manager for companies such as Gofiee, IP2S.

    Leimond graduated with a Degree in International Management, and most of all he possess the ability and talent of  managing complex projects so ensuring our clients work gets delivered on time, on budget and meeting clear objectives.

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Econ Industrial Building #03-01A
Singapore 569084
Tel: +65 6351 1777