FAQ on DC Production Studio Photography

Before Booking A Studio Package

What are the packages available?
Our Packages are based on the sizes of the prints. Please refer to our Graduation Studio Photography Page for the various sizes and prices, or contact our customer service staff at 63511777 for further clarifications or assistance.

Do you give the digital softcopy of the photographs?
The photographs digital negatives taken remain the property of DC Production. We regret that we are unable to release the digital negatives to you.

How do I make an appointment for a photography session?
Call us at 63511777 to arrange for a photography session.

How long in advance should I book my photography session?
For the booking for your session, please do it at least one week in advance. If you prefer a weekend session, please book at least two weeks to a month in advance to get your preferred timing. You have more slots options if you book early.

After paying Booking deposit, will it expire?
There is no expiry date. For your desired slot, you are still required to call 2 weeks in advance to make a booking.

Do you provide props during the photography session? E.g. scrolls, teddy bears.
Yes, we do. We also have the Giant Bear currently.

Can I bring my own props?
Yes, nothing is better than your own props with sentimental value and significance to you and loved ones.

Can I bring my pet to your studio?
Yes you can! but you must be able to control the pet at all times while in the studio