Metal Print State-of-the-art Technology

Metal print is the a new state-of-the-art technology of photo printing. We think it is one of the best print material for your masterpiece. Through dye sublimation, images are infused onto aluminium. This creates the longest lasting photo medium in the world. Metal print is gaining popularity as the print medium of choice for professional photographers. Photography exhibitors are now presenting their work on metal prints in art galleries.


Inspire with Your Masterpieces on Metal Print

Present your photos in a stylish, frameless, gallery look using aluminum mounts. You have honed your skills and techniques in capturing the perfect picture through your lens. Reproduce it in the most brilliant colours available to you now.  Bring people into your world of colors. The way you see green grass, blue skies and hues of sunset and print them in colors as you intended to capture.

A beautiful picture looks great and adds vibrance to any home or office decor. Bring tranquil forests to your study or add the epic canyons to the living room, let your creativity as a photographer inspire. Make it the centerpiece of many conversations with your family and friends.

Our metal prints gives the highest-quality premium presentation for your favorite images. The photo is printed directly onto aluminium which produces stunning visuals. Metal prints are scratch-proof, weather-proof, UV resistant and lightweight. This means your print stays vibrant for a long time.

Metal Print in living room
NTU University Awards Dinner 2016